Horlăceni Wooden Church

Wooden Church from Horlăceni

Horlaceni Wooden ChruchLocated only a few kilometers away from Dorohoi, on a side road that separates from the main Dorhoi-Suceava road and climbs through the forest, the wooden church from Horlăceni  is a monument full of history built in a place considered the oldest settlement in Moldovia. A wooden church with a long history has also linked its name to this village.

Horlăceni  is a patriarchal village with houses spread across the hilly landscape with hills that descends from the forests and close in around the settlement, as the walls of a fortress. The church at Horlaceni was built in 1779 on  the expense of the local boyar Constantin Stroici.

The legend says that ruler Vasile Lupu would have killed some traitorous boyars on the very place of the current wooden church in Horlaceni.

It is the interior that gives high value to this place. Even though small, it gives the feeling of space thanks to the woodcutters’ skills of working with proportions. The church is divided into altar, nave, pronaos and porch.

Also special is that the iconostasis still preserves some royal icons from 1800.

As mentioned above, the village of Horlaceni is the oldest settlement in Moldavia as it was mentioned in a document dated May 1, 1384. To the name of today’s village is also linked an important natural retreat of the Botosani county. This is the Ariniş Forest Reserve, spread over an area of five hectares, is a protected area of national interest. Here grows the black alder, a very rare tree species.