Wooden Church from Corjauti

Wooden Church from CorjautiSometime between 1811-1813, the boyar Ionita Basota built a church in the village of Pomarla near his mansion. This church was used as a chapel by the boyar family. For the faithful in the villages of Corjauti and Hliboca, located on his estate, the same founder built a wooden church.

Due to a misunderstanding between the two villages, he ordered the Corjauti people to take the church and move it to their village. Hearing that, villagers dismantled the church in a hurry that very night,  and transported it to Corjauti village, where they assembled it back.

The church is built in Moldovan style but it has a unique shape following a model often found in the wooden churches in the northern part of our country, in the area of Ukraine.