Unusual destinations

Iulia Hasdeu Castle – History & Paranormal

One of the most mysterious locations in Romania is Iulia Hasdeu Castle, located in the town of Campina close to Bucharest. Built on the principle of the magical numbers 3 and 7 the castle brings history, mistery and paranormal together.

Meet the Trovants, misterious stones that MOVE, GROW & BREED

These misterious living stones called Trovants, are said to be moving from place to place overnight, in spite of their size (some stones are as high as 4-5 meters!). The legend sais that no one should either take home or sell a Trovant or badluck will forever follow him ! (and you know, there's...

Ogres’ Garden

Where legend meets strange beauty - strangely shaped rock formations or the Ogres from Salaj as they are known, are awaiting to greet and charm you in one of the prettiest and interesting natural reserves of Romania!