So who was Dracula? In his 1897 Gothic horror novel and vampire fantasy, Bram Stocker introduced Count Dracula as novel character. Before writing Dracula, Stoker spent seven years researching European folklore and stories of vampires, being most influenced by Emily Gerard's 1885 essay "Transylvania Superstitions" which included content about a vampire myth.

The great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker is writing the first authorised prequel to Dracula.

Now primarily known as the name of a mythological vampire, the name Dracul was for centuries known as the sobriquet of Vlad III. Diplomatic reports and popular stories referred to him as Dracula, Dracuglia, or Drakula the name having had its origin in the Romanian sobriquet of his father, Vlad Dracul ("Vlad the Dragon"), who received it after he became a member of the Order of the Dragon. Dracula basically means "the son of Dracul (or the Dragon)". In modern Romanian language, dracul means "the devil", which contributed to Vlad's bad reputation.

3 Freaky Reasons Count Dracula Will Give You Chills

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