By Bogdan Toderas, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Prometheus Statue overseeing the Vidraru Dam

Situated on the Arges River, supported by the slopes of the Pleasa and Vidraru Mountains, along Tranfagarasan, about 40 kilometers from Curtea de Arges, Vidraru Dam is considered by the specialists a real jewel of engineering. The first arch dam in Romania, Vidraru Dam was built in 1966 with the purpose of creating hydroelectricity. An engineering jewel, the dam was the fifth largest dam in Europe and 9th in the world at the time of construction. The reservoir has a total shoreline length of 28 km.

The Vidraru DamSituated between Frunţii Mountains and Ghiţu mountains along the Transfagarasan Road, the lake collects the Capra, Buda and some other smaller rivers.  The view is impressive on both sides of the dam.

Tourist Attractions close to Vidraru Dam

As much as famous for its views, the whole area is also an excellent place for recreation, tourism and sports. So if you are into extreme sports, you can practice Bungee jumping. Good luck :)

Furthermore, the Vidraru Dam is basically where Transfagarasan starts … From here, you’ll follow the road through tunnels and slopes up to Balea Cascada (Balea Waterfall) and Balea Lake.

Hiking trails are also available for nature lovers, especially from Balea Lake you can climb up to Romania’s second mountain peak, Negoiu (2535m). This amazing hike will take you on an alpine track set at an altitude of over 2000 meters in the direction of two glacial lakes, Balea and Caltun.

The Vidraru Lake

Activities around the Vidraru Dam