The Transfagarasan

The Transfagarasan mountain road is the most dramatic and one of the most spectacular paved roads in the world. Long tunnels, endless twists and turns and an amazing view make for a thrilling ride.


One of the most spectacular roads in the world, the Transfagarasan Scenic Road is 150 km long and runs trough the spectacular, rocky Fagaras mountains, the highest mountains in Romania with the Moldoveanu peak reaching 2544 meters.

Reaching 2042 m near Lake Balea, the Transfagarasan is the second-highest paved road in the country after Transalpina, the scenic road in the Parang Mountains which goes up to 2145 m.

The road is fully open only from July to October.  Its highest point is Pasul Bâlea at 2.042 metres, actually a tunnel that links the northern and southern sides at Lake Balea. With ca. 875 m/0.53miles the tunnel is the longest and highest tunnel of Romania.

Built as a strategic military route to connect Wallachia and Transylvania you can head to it starting either in Pitesti, on the southern side or in Sibiu in Transylvania.

Tourist Attractions along the Transfagarasan Scenic Road

Cutting just between the highest peak in Romania, the Moldoveanu Peak (2544m) and the second highest, Negoiu (2535m), the Transfăgărăşan is an attraction also for hikers, cyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Among the places most visited along the road are the Balea Lac resort, the Vidraru dam and the Balea waterfall.

Transfagarasan Scenic Road - Air ViewOn the southern side of the Carpathians, once you leave the village of Capataneni, you’ll see a road sign pointing to Poienari Castle, the real castle that belonged to Vlad III the Impaler. The fortress sits atop a high cliff and it will take you 1480 stairs before you get to it; but the view is incredible and certainly worthing the effort. Be aware however, that at times the access to the fortress can be restricted because of bears roaming through the area.


Crossing the Transfagarasan requires outstanding driving skills. You will not only be challenged by narrow winding roads going uphill but also by the weather. Because fog is a frequent phenomena at over 2000 meters, a great intuition about what could lie ahead of you will surely serve you well.

The Transfagarasan is now CLOSED to the public, and it will stay so until June 30, 2022!


Transfagarasan Scenic Road Attractions