Igloo Village – The Ice Hotel at Bâlea – Frozen Adventures

Visit the only ice hotel in Romania and Eastern Europe! Situated at 2000 meters in the proximity of the Bâlea Lake, in the Făgăraş Mountains the ice hotel will provide an unique, unforgettable experience.


Not afraid of snow and the cold weather and ready for a unique winter experience? The only ice hotel in Romania and Eastern Europe is waiting for you. Situated at 2000 meters above sea level, Bâlea Ice Hotel is built by Bâlea Lake, in the Făgăraş Mountains. It is situated on the path of the famous Transfagarasan, but unfortunately the scenic road is closed during winter.

Accessible only by cable car, the Ice Hotel Bâlea is also featuring a restaurant that serves international food.

Balea Ice HotelBuild from scratch every season out of the ice blocks from Bâlea Lake, the hotel will follow a new theme each year.
So even if you have visited the place in the past, the experience will always be unique and very different. You can spend the night in the hotel or book a separate igloo outside. The room furniture is unique and of course, hand-carved out of ice blocks brought in from the lake. You won’t sleep directly on the blocks however as the ice bed is covered by a soft mattress and warm, cozy blankets. Reindeer fur blankets and thermal blankets are also provided.

Freezing already? You can warm up at the local Ice Bar by having an Ice Vodka :) out of an ice glass of course.

And last but not least,  to warm up your soul,  the Ice Church is there to greet you – you’ll surely find peace and serenity in there.

Balea Ice Church Each year a new theme is chosen for the sculptures. In 2020 it was the “Underwater Fantasy”, which brought to life ice fish, seahorses or crabs.