Sturdza Castle in Miclauseni

Sturdza Castle from Miclauseni, also known as the Sturdza Palace, is a Neo-Gothic castle built between 1880-1904 by Gheorghe Sturza and his wife Maria, in the village of Miclauseni, at about 65 km from Iaşi. It is currently owned by the Metropolitan Church of Moldavia and Bucovina and included on the List of Historical Monuments of the Iasi County.

Sturdza Castle in MiclauseniThe Miclauseni Castle is built in Neo-Gothic style with baroque elements. The building was built around the end of the 19th century on the site of an old manor house of the 19th – 18th century, part of the old building being embedded in the current building, being in the eastern wing of the castle.

Sturdza Castle has one floor and an attic. The exterior walls of the building have been adorned with many decorations, including  socks inspired by the Sturdza family blazon.

The Sturdza Castle Park in Miclauseni is one of the most beautiful dendrological parks in the country. Here you’ll find a large variety of exotic or ornamental trees, such as Ginko biloba or Japanese acacia, aside from oaks or secular ash trees, with ages that range between 250 and 300 years, with one oak tree being nearly 400 years old.

Visitors can stay here in refurbished rooms, enjoy local menus served at the castle restaurant, and find out more about the history of the place.

The castle can be visited, and tourists who want to spend several days here, attracted by the beauty and tranquility of the place, can be accommodated in rooms that have been renovated and made available to them.

The complex also houses a restaurant, a summer garden, a sports hall and conference rooms. In winter, tourists staying in the complex enjoy horse-drawn sleigh rides and songs around the campfire. Various thematic parties and events for groups of tourists or pilgrims can also be organized in Miclauseni.