Oldest Underground Glacier at Scarisoara Ice Cave in the Apuseni

Scarisoara Ice Cave in the Apuseni Mountains houses the largest underground glacier in Europe and second largest in the world.  It is considered a show cave and one of the natural wonders of Romania and because it houses an underground glacier it has also been described as a glacier cave.

Radiocarbon dating indicated that the glaciers at Scarisoara are at least 10,500 years old, making them the oldest cave glaciers on Earth outside of the polar zones.

Scientists are excited about the ice nuclei extracted from the glacier possibly providing important information about climate change over the past 10,000 years, during the Holocene period. Researchers say the discovery could reveal how the climate in the North Atlantic region has changed.

Just have a look at the mirificent surroundings and a glimpse inside the cave itself. You shouldn’t need more to be convinced this is place you SHOULD include on your “must visit” map: