Wallachia, the land of the Vlachs

Although not as well known abroad as its neighboring Transylvania, Wallachia is actually the traditional heart of Romania. The region was named by the land rulers, the Vlachs, who ruled the Southern Romanian province from the 14th to the 18th century.

Dracula Poenari CastleWhile many foreign travelers get their “facts” directly from Dracula books and movies and associate the thrills of vampire tourism with Transylvania, the “real” Count Dracula (Vlad Tepes by his historical name) actually ruled over Wallachia. You can actually visit the ruins of the REAL Dracula Castle in Poienari which guards the southern entrance of Transfăgărăşan with its mysterious air from medieval times. The fortress also known as the „Citadel of Vlad the Impaler” is situated on the rocky peak of the Cetăţuia mountain. It also appears that the novel „The Castle from Carpathians” by Jules Verne was inspired by the legends of this mysterious fortress.


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Poienari Castle: 45.353700, 24.634900
Horezu Monastery: 45.169800, 24.007300
Hobita, Brancusi Memorial Home: 45.051300, 23.057200
Targu Jiu, Gate of the Kiss: 45.039400, 23.268700
Cule in Maldaresti: 44.895900, 24.031100
Campina: 45.125700, 25.734800
Curtea de Arges Monastery: 45.156700, 24.675400
Trovants: 45.147100, 24.064000
Mogoșoaia Palace: 44.529200, 26.000000

What to visit in Wallachia:

Wallachia, the land of the Vlachs
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