Romania has many salt mines, some of them still active, some closed for mining but used as treatment centers and as museums.

Here is a list with some of the best-known salt mines in Romania:

Slanic Prahova Salt Mine
Located about 100 km from Bucharest, it is the biggest salt mine in Europe, covering 90.000 sqm and being divided into 14 rooms. The mine is receiving plenty of visitors every year, who can also admire salt-carved sculpters and of course some interesting elements in the internal structure of the salt mass, marked by alternations of various colored bands with gray and white tones, various mineralogical characteristics (structure, texture, crystallization mode) and the special purity of the salt.

The old salt mine (Unirea) was transformed into a sanatorium – at a depth of 210 m – used for the treatment of respiratory diseases in the salty microclimate.

Cacica Salt Mine
Is an incredible underground salt mine in the town of Cacica in the Suceava county in Romanian Bucovina, close to Gura Humorului and the famous painted monateries. The salt exploitation was started here in 1798 by the habsburgs and the galleries – which are in perfect condition even today – were dug manually, without any equipment, by workers brought by force from the entire habsburgic empire.

At Cacica Salt Mine you can visit the Saint Varvara Roman-Catholic Chapel and the Orthodox chapel (newer and dug deeper than the Roman-Catholic one).

A salt lake and a ball room are also awaiting deep, inside the old salt mine.

Praid Salt Mine

Located about 10 km away from the Sovata resort, in Harghita county, the mine is a real underground town carved 120 meters deep. You’ll find here a library, a restaurant, creative and amusement areas, an ecumenical chapel, a coffee shop, a 3D Cinema and a naturist drugstore and for the little ones, a special playground.

Turda Salt Mine

The most famous salt mine in Romania, the UFO-like looking Turda Salt Mine is housing a 80-seat amphitheatre for concerts and musical auditions, an underground lake with boats you can hire, a health base and medical office and even a church and a sports field (for playing bowling, soccer or table tennis).

Salina Turda, one of the oldest salt mines in the world located in Turda, Romania, has been converted into an incredible amusement park. The mine which dates back to the Middle Ages now serves as a veritable history museum of salt mining.  As far as the history goes, salt extraction on the surface started in antiquity, with […]

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