What about some weird travels and mysterious destinations? So you've done all the classical tours and are eager for a change. There are quite a few spots around Romania with real reputations for being truly strage ... Some of these places are shrouded in mystery, with legends passed down for generations. Others are newer, but are steeped in their tragic pasts. Spooky, hunted, scary or just misterious, strange and home to unexplainable phenomena - if any of these appeals to you, than it might be just the right time to add one of these paranormal destinations to your travel itinerary - they are sure to open your mind!

Iulia Hasdeu Castle – History & Paranormal

One of the most mysterious locations in Romania is Iulia Hasdeu Castle, located in the town of Campina close to Bucharest. Built on the principle of the magical numbers 3 and 7 the castle brings history, mistery and paranormal together.

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Transylvania – medieval, misterious, secluded

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