Romania is home to some of the most beautiful castles in Europe so if you travel to Romania, make sure to visit at least some of these castles. While some of them are famous, others are hidden gems, but they are equally impressive.

Most castles and fortresses have been built between the 12th and 18th century as strategic defense against the invaders and although many of them are located in Transylvania, you’ll find plenty of castles also in the other provinces of Romania, like Wallachia or Moldova.

Famous Castles and Fortresses to visit in Romania:

Cetatea Poenari – reconstructie virtuala realizata de un grup de arhitecti si specialisti internationali in reconstructii istorice (credit: Desi ignorata de multi, cetatea Poenari (sau Poienari) se afla pe un traseu turistic foarte popular, cel care asigura accesul dinspre Curtea de Arges spre Transfagarasan, exact la intrarea în chei, lângă localitatea Arefu la numai […]

Castelul Poenari

Once an important fortress and stronghold, the Poenari Castle is virtually unknown to the tourists, despite the strong ties it holds to Vlad Dracula. Known as Poenari Castle, the fortress stands on a cliff overlooking the Arges River, in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Its location makes is accessible to only those tourists who …

Castelul Iulia Hasdeu

Una dintre cele mai misterioase locații din România este Castelul Iulia Hasdeu, situat în orașul Câmpina, aproape de București. Construit pe principiul numerelor magice 3 și 7, castelul aduce impreuna istoria, misterul și paranormalul.

Medieval Sighisoara

The “Land between the forests” is a world of secluded medieval castles, Saxon fortresses, misterious, sometimes spooky ruins but also rustic countryside, tree-covered mountains and cozy small towns waiting for you to discover it.