The Bucegi Mountains are not only a wonderful natural attraction in Romania, but also seem to harbor ancient secrets and be home to some strange phenomena.

The Bucegi Mountains - view from the North

The Bucegi Mountains are part of the Carpathian Mountain Range and belong to the Sounthern Range which separates Wallachia from Transylvania. They are one of the four forming the Transylvanian Alps (Southern Carpathians). The highest peak, Omu, rises 1.5 miles (2505 meters) above the Prahova Valley while to the east, the Bucegi Mountains have a very steep slope towards the popular tourist destination Prahova Valley, with the famous resorts of Bușteni and Sinaia. The main touristic attractions are the resorts on the Prahova Valley, the Sphinx and Babele (Old Ladies) rock formations and the Peles Castle situated in the mountain resort of Sinaia.

There are also hiking opportunities for those inlove with nature. If you do not want to take the Cable Car from Busteni you can choose to go hiking from Sinaia via Piatra Arsa Hut or hiking on the Jepi Valley, from Busteni.

But apart from that, some believe that an ancient library is hidden beneath the Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains and that traces of an extremely ancient civilization were found bellow this famous rock formation that resembles the egyptian Sphinx. Looking back through history, some found that local legends speak of Zamolxis the Dacian God, who built his sanctuary in a cave inside these mountains. That cave people believe to be the Ialomicioara Cave, a cave known as an ancient place of Dacians where they used to celebrate the personality’s death in order to become an individual immortal being.

Top destinations in and near the Bucegi Mountains:

Sfinxul din Bucegi

Ce știm despre Sfinxul din Bucegi? Chiar dacă teoria oficială vorbește despre o formațiune naturală de piatră sculptată de vânt sub forma unui cap uman, există teorii care vorbesc despre Sfinxul din Bucegi ca fiind sculptat în mod artificial în piatră de o civilizație străveche și de mult pierdută. Singur în mijlocul unui Platou de […]

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