The Western Romanian Carpathians (or the Apuseni Mountains) got their name based on their geographical position, west, to the Transylvanian Plateau.

The Apuseni are wild, beautifull and green. These are no comparison to the Fagaras rocky Mountains in the South.

The numerous rivers have cut spectacular canyons and created the most fascinating caves. The Apuseni Natural Park houses approximately 1500 caves with Scarisoara, the Bear#s Cave and among the most known.

The unique flora of the Apuseni Mountains hosting some extremely rare plants, was able to develop here also due to several micro climates and the complex geographic structure of the mountains.

Bears Cave – Tourist Guide

One of the most spectacular tourist attractions of the Apuseni Mountains, the Bears Cave dwells an extraordinary range of stalagmite and stalactite formations varying in size and forms as well as a lot of marks and fossils of the cave bear (which dissapeared 15.000 years...