The Bucegi Mountains - view from the North

Southern Carpathians

The Southern Carpathians also known as the Transylvanian Alps are the highest in Romania, they are the most continuous and the most impassable section of the Carpathians. They are rockier and more spectacular than the other Carpathians sections with the highest Peak Moldoveanu reaching 2544 meters (8346 feet) in the Fagaras range.

Although considerably smaller than the Alps, the Southern Carpathians are classified as having an alpine landscape. Therefore their high mountain character, combined with great accessibility, makes them popular with tourists and scientists. Furthermore, they are also home to a rich wildlife, large intact forests, big biodiversity, spectacular rivers and almost untouched landscapes.

From west to east, four mountain groups can be identified, separated by different river valleys.

So you’ll get here the opportunity to explore the Sounthern Carpathian Range while learning about it’s wildlife. Do not miss the opportunity to watch the animals in their mountainous habitat and explore the complex ecosystem surrounding them, all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Transylvanian Alps Highlights:

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