The oldest Wooden Church in the World and its incredible legend

Putna wooden churchFew know that in the village of Putna we will find one of the oldest wood buildings in Europe and maybe in the World. Known as the Old Church of Putna, this wooden construction is in the immediate vicinity of the Putna Monastery in Bukovina and it said to date to 1353.

The wooden church in Putna is the oldest and only medieval wooden church known to this date. Its exceptionally old age and archaic building plan give it an extraordinary value for medieval architecture and serves as reference for both historians and architects.

The Oldest Wooden Church from Putna
Picture by Alexandru Baboş –

The church was originally built in Volovăţ during Dragoş Voda’s reign and according to tradition, it is said that the first voivode of Moldova himself has been buried here.

Based on the legend, the church built by Dragoş Voda at Volovăţ was moved to Putna during the time of Stephen the Great to serve as a place of worship during the construction of the Putna Monastery.  The local tradition says that Stephen the Great’s army dismantled, carried and rebuilt the church in one single night, the voivode being there to pray at its altar at dawn of that very day.

Putna Dragos Voda wooden church, likely the oldest medieval wooden church in the world Putna oldest wooden church Putna Holzkirche






Putna Wooden Church

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Putna Wooden Church 47.870800, 25.612500 This is the OLDEST wooden church in the World! Built in 1353 during the reign of Dragos Voda Voivod.