Trekking in the Fagaras mountains

Hiking Trails 2021 in Romania

Hiking is the best way to discover the beauty of Romanian mountains and there’s a choice out there for every mountain passionate.  Take the opportunity to breathe the freshest air, take in the picturesque landscape views and enjoy Romania’s amazing wild nature.

The Fagaras Mountains (also known as Transylvania’s Alps) form the highest and most dramatic part of the Carpathian Mountains and are in the same time Romania’s highest and largest mountains, covering an area of 3,000 square kilometers and reaching heights of up to 2544 meters.

The highest Romanian peaks are also located in the Făgăraş Mountains – the Moldoveanu peak with its 2544m on the eastern side and it’s rockier counterpart, the Negoiu peak reigning in the west with its 2535m.

It’s in the Southern Carpathians (especially in the Bucegi, Făgăraș and Retezat Mountains) where you will also find the most challenging and lengthy hiking trails as these mountains offer some of the finest mountain hiking opportunities in Europe.

The majestic Sphinx in the Bucegi mountainsWith their stunning views and unique natural landmarks, the Bucegi Mountains (2,505 m / 8218 ft) are some of the most popular with hikers. Here you can admire the famous Sphinx and the natural rocks formation called Babele (the Old Ladies).