Your Transylvania & Bukovina Travel Guide

Travel to Transylvania, Romania and dive into a mix of cultures, nature and history, from the legend of Dracula, to its imposing medieval castles & fortresses and the majestic Carpathian mountains.

Cross the mountains to visit Bukovina with its beautiful, unspoilt landscape dotted with painted monasteries and inhabited by hospitable people.

  • Transylvania


    Surrounded by myths and legends (for only to mention the famous Dracula), Transylvania means "the land beyond the forests" and  is known for the scenery of its Carpathian landscape and its rich history.

  • Bucovina


    Near a low foothill
    At Heaven’s doorsill,
    Where the trail’s descending
    To the plain and ending ...


  • Transfagarasan


    More than 150 kilometres in length is the Transfagarasan. It is Romania's most spectacular scenic road connecting Wallachia in the south with Transylvania and going straight across the highest, rocky Fagaras Mountains.

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Main Romanian Regions

The Bran Castle near Brasov

Misterious Transylvania

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Bukovina landscape

Sweet Bukovina and Moldavia

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Cula Măldărești, Wallachia

Wallachia, land of the Vlachs

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Ancient Dobruja and the Black Sea

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