How did Poenari Castle look like?

Poenari Castle – virtual reconstruction

An australian site realized an interesting virtual reconstruction of the Poenari Castle with the help of international architecs and specialists in historical reconstructions.

They’ve chosen seven of the most unique ruined castles of Europe and managed to create some unique architectural renders and reconstruction animations that bring those castles back to their former glory.

Where is the Poenari fortress located

Although ignored by many, the Poenari fortress (or Poienari) is located on a very popular tourist route, which provides access from Curtea de Arges to Transfagarasan, exactly at the entrance to the gorges, near Arefu only 4 km away from Vidraru dam.

Dating back to the time of Negru Voda, the Poenari fortress was renovated and expanded by Vlad the Impaler, who strengthened the defense walls and extended the construction by raising five towers, with high and sharp rooftops by the model of the 14th century fortifications. The ruins of the five towers can still be seen today, although it is quite difficult for the average visitor to imagine what the fortress actually looked like in its old days.

The state of the ruins today

Although the massive but narrow ruins, located 400 m above the valley, are still accessible today at the end of 1480 steps, the towers of the fortress unfortunately did not withstand the vicissitudes of time, collapsing after landslides or possibly after an earthquake.

The model proposed by the specialists in virtual reconstructions comes to compensate exactly this lack, helping in this way those interested to form a more complete image on the “eagle’s nest” as it was also called the Poenari castle.

When you can visit and how much does it cost

Poienari Fortress was reopened to visitors after installing an electric fence of about 700 meters, mounted on either side of the stairs leading to the entrance to the fortress and meant to protect tourists from any unwanted encounters with bears that make sometimes their appearance in the area.

The visiting schedule of the Poenari fortress is from Wednesday to Sunday, between 10.00-18.00, the last ascent after the new program being at 16.30.
Rates: adults – 10.00 lei; pupils / students / pensioners-5.00 lei;


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