Ogres’ Garden

Some strangely shaped rock formations are greeting the visitor to the Salaj County in Romania. They call them so because they look as if they were shaped by some supernatural force for an unknown reason.

An old story talks about this area as the home of some fierce ogres who used to kidnap local young girls. But one day, the oldest from the ogres did an even worse job by kidnapping the sun from the sky. A brave local young man dared to challenge him, eventually killed the ogre and released the sun. The younger ogres run to give their older brother which was in trouble a helping hand, but they arrived to late, as the sun was already shining back in the sky, and that bright light turned them all into strange-looking rocks.

Going beyond the legend, the place is a geological reservation where one can admire the effect of weather conditions on sandstone structures. The rocks formation is an ongoing phenomenon, which means that the landscape can change from one year to the next. You’ll be greeted by huge giant cliffs, blocks, towers, poles, cliffs with animal & mushroomy shapes.

All that said, the Ogres Garden is one of the prettiest and interesting natural reserves of Transylvania.