3 Freaky Reasons Count Dracula Will Give You Chills

Dracula, a fearsome but fascinating character “fathered” by the relatively unknown book author Bram Stocker makes – year after year – the blood curdle on Halloween,  while Stocker’s novel raises to the status of masterpiece of Gothic horror fiction.

So much about the fictional character, but what about the real Dracula? Well, his name was actually Vlad and he was one of the few who were awarded the Order of the Dragon, a monarchical order for selected nobility that flourished during the first half of the 15th century, primarily in Germany and Italy  requiring its initiates to defend the cross and fight the enemies of Christianity, in particular the Ottoman Empire.

So Vlad’s nickname “Draculea” was actually a word derived from  this Order of the Dragon and had NOTHING to do with Bram Stocker’s fictional tale.

His other  REAL nickname though, “Vlad the Impaler,” suggests he had a penchant for brutally punishing his enemies.

3 Freaky Reasons Count Dracula Will Give You ChillsSo here comes CHILL Number 1:

Vlad received the nickname “The Impaler” for his pioneering work in the art of torture and more specifically for his favorite method of punishment which was impaling his enemies on giant stakes outside of the city.

CHILL Number 2:

In an attempt to clean up the streets of the capital city of the sick and beggars, he invited them to a feast and fed them really well. In the end, he excused himself, locked the door behind him then burned the whole building to the ground while everybody was still inside.  No one is said to have survived …

And finally, CHILL Number 3: Where is the body ?!

Vlad died on the battlefield fighting against an invasion of Turks. His head was chopped off and was sent to the Turkish Sultan who hung it outside his palace for everybody to see.

There are however conflicting reports about where his body eventually ended up – some say that his body was burried at the Snagov Monastery near Bucharest, others say the body has never been there, while others would swear his remains were indeed found, but then vanished.

And then there’s the other theory: the body was never found because, well … he was Dracula.

Now, what do YOU think?

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