Lake Saint Anna

Lake Sfânta Ana (lake Saint Anne)

Lake Sfânta Ana is the only crater lake in Romania located in the volcanic crater of the volcano named Ciomatu Mare of the Eastern Carpathians, near Tușnad in the Natural Reserve of Mohoș, Transylvania.

The water of the lake is so pure that approaches the purity of distilled water, however no animal can survive around Lake Ana due to the low oxygen concentration.

The name of the lake originates from two legends. The first one says that long ago there was a young virgin girl, Ana. She was forced by her parents to get married to a man she did not love. On her wedding night, Ana threw herself into the lake. Her body was never found and in her memory, the lake was called Saint Ana.

The second legend is about two brothers who were emperors. One of them had bragged that he had had the greatest carriage in the county. In his trial to prove that he is better than his brother, the other emperor, he built himself a carriage as well.

Then, he put reins on eight girls. One of them was a young virgin, named Ana. The weight was too much for them to handle and Ana started praying and cursing on the emperor. An awful storm started and killed the emperor, burning his palace to the ground.

This is the place where a lake by the name of Saint Ana was formed.

Bears still roam in the area so be careful as from time to time a bear could show up!

How you can get there: best route if starting in Bucharest is:
Bucharest – Brasov – Sfantu Gheorghe – Baile Tusnad –Lake Saint Ana