Enisala Fortress in Dobruja

Enisala fortress is a now ruined fortress located 2 km away of the Enisala village. The name of the village and of the fortress come from the combination of two Turkish words: Yeni-Sale, Enisala Medieval Fortress in Dobrujameaning “new village”. It is the only medieval fortress of Dobruja that tells the story of a time when the powerful Genovese merchants controlled the Black Sea. Built during late 13th century on a calcareous hill which rises above both Razim and Babadag lakes, the fortress dominates the area from above while offering a beautiful bird’s eye view of the entire area including the two lakes and the sea.

The Byzantine citadel dated back in 1270 had a big military and commercial importance during the time when lake Razelm was a Black Sea Bay. The citadel was situated at the crossing of two important comercial routes between the Orient and Northern Europe and even though it’s not quite clear yet who built the citadel, connecting the lake with the sea and the Danube through two canals seems to have been one major objective of those who built it.

Around 1419-1420 Dobrudja was conquered by the Ottomans and abandoned during the early 17th century.

Of course there’s also a spooky legend related to it, a legend that tells that the ruins are haunted by the violent spirits of Byzantine soldiers who controlled the area centuries ago. Some say once can hear battle screems of Ottoman warriors in their attempt to conquer the fortress.

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