Wooden Churches of Northern Moldavia

While a lot has been said about the unique painted monasteries of Southern Bucowina, there are many unique Wooden churches and monasteries in the current Northern Moldavia region of Romania, churches that date back to the XVth – XVIIIth centuries and are yet to be discovered by tourists.

Many of these churches are made out of wood and are ranked as historical monuments having a high historical, artistic and architectural value. The wooden religious monuments in this region are in general small, with roofs covered with shingle, some with only two crosses at both ends and without a tower.

Dated back to 1353, the Serban Voda Church in Putna, is considered one of the oldest still standing wooden churches in Europe and the World. It has a very interesting story attached to it and its exceptionally old age make it a monument of maximum interest for historians and architects alike.

The wooden churches found in Iasi county were built starting with year 1500 till 1850 while those we find in Botosani county were erected between 1700 and 1850.

There is even one particular church in the village of Hiliseu-Crisan which is unique in Europe and deserves your special attention. The church displays a blend of Christian Orthodox architectural elements and those specific to the Roman Catholic church. You won’t find anything similar in the whole Europe, so make sure you include this one on your trip.

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