The real Sphinx?

The Bucegi SphinxWhat do we know about the Sphinx?

Even though the official theory speaks of a natural rock formation carved by the wind in the shape of a human head, there are theories that speak about the Sphinx as artificially carved in stone by an ancient long lost civilization.

As it stands alone in the middle of an otherwise pretty empty high Plateau at 2216 meters altitude in the Bucegi Mountains, the Carpathian Sphinx is said to be the guardian of long lost secrets hidden inside the mountain. It’s quite strange that the plateau is otherwise very much empty except from these extraordinary rock formation, namely the Sphinx and the Old Ladies. Some suggest they might have served as worship symbols for some ancient civilization and that the Sphinx in Egypt was actually sculpted having the Carpathian one as inspiration.

There are also testimonials that say that these stones emanate a flow of positive energies that in the past served to defend the land from invaders. If you go up there, don’t be surprised to meet people standing in circle holding up hands, trying to „get charged“ by the positive energies of the place.

It is even said that just below the Sphinx megalith is located the most important natural energy center of Earth, an Earth chakra.

The good news for you as a tourist is that the megalith is accessible in various ways, depending on your preference or physical condition. The easiest way to get there is by far the cable car in Busteni resort.

If you are into hiking and want to enjoy some impressive views, water falls and maybe meet a black goat or two, take the hiking path, but be wary – it’s not an easy one to climb, so make sure you are prepared. And last but not least, for those who’d rather drive there (yep, we said drive!), there is a great way to do that, namely by following the Transbucegi (also called Drumul Babelor) scenic road.


Bucegi - Sphinx - Babele

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Babele Chalet / Cabana Babele: 45.406170, 25.472010
The Sphinx: 45.408300, 25.470200
Caraiman Cross: 45.416000, 25.497500
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Babele Chalet / Cabana Babele
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The Sphinx
The Sphinx Prahova, Romania
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Caraiman Cross
Crucea Caraiman Prahova, Romania

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