From the romanian Sphinx to Babele – Megalithic structures & paranormal phenomena in the Bucegi Mountains

Enjoy a Panoramic Tour of the Bucegi High Plateau with its famous Sphinx & Babele rock formations by daring an epic scenic drive on the TransBucegi Road. Minimum 2 persons on this tour!

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The Bucegi Mountains are home to the romanian Sphinx and considered to be a true “energy pole,” being allegedly crossed by mysterious underground tunnels, crossed by unreal paths and sprinkled with high energy areas where electronics trigger by themselves and people experience strange symptoms. There also seem to be some portals with paranormal features, where people disappear and appear in other places, being somehow teleported to a very long distance. Local inhabitants of the Bucegi Mountains say that there is also a kind of time gate to the world beyond and those who have managed to escape alive from such experiences report striking similarities to those reported by people who passed through a clinical death.

The Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains has been probably named after its resemblance to the Sphinx of the Kings Valley in Egypt. It is an anthropomorphic megalith located at over 2,200 meters altitude, its formation being attributed to wind erosion. The Internet abounds however in theories according to which the megalith was actually carved in stone by the Dacians, or that it was even of extraterrestrial origin.

There are testimonies according to which these stones residing on top of the mountain emanate positive energies that over the years served to defend the land of invaders.

It is even said that in the Bucegi Mountains, somewhere below the Sphinx megalith, it would be the most important natural energy center of the Earth.

Another strange phenomenon occurs here every Nov. 28, when hundreds of tourists gather around the monument to load energetically from “The Pyramid of Energy”. On this day, the sun’s rays build an energetic pyramid around the Sfinx rock.

According to legends, the phenomenon first appeared on the day when Decebalus sacrificed his son, in this very place during a ritual ceremony meant to send him as messenger to the gods. Other stories tell that between the romanian Sphinx of Bucegi and the Sphinx of Egypt there would be a three-dimensional, energy-lane tunnel.