These are difficult times for us all, but we should do our best to live our lives as normal as possible. It’s extremely important for our own well being, for our mental health and for society in general. And it helps the hard hit economies as well.

So we have picked up some interesting destinations you should really consider placing on your 2020 sommer holiday map so that you can enjoy a perfect holiday despite the pandemic. Because they are safe locations, they are close to home for most Europeans and they offer great opportunities to discover places you would probably miss otherwise.

Romania was blessed with mirificent landscapes,  remote villages left almost untouched by modernism, thousands of hiking trails, historic sites scattered all over the country and of course, a Sea! It was already mentioned that salty sea waters may kill this virus, and with the Black Sea waters saltier than those of the Med Sea, a perfect beach holiday could be in the cards for this sommer as well. Reconnecting with nature is one the best remedies you may think of!

Here are our best recommendations, so stay positive and enjoy the sommer; with good and bad, you only live this life once!

What do we know about the Bucegi Sphinx? Even though the official theory speaks of a natural rock formation carved by the wind in the shape of a human head, there are theories that speak about the Sphinx as artificially carved in stone by an ancient long lost civilization. As it stands alone in the

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The Transfagarasan scenic drive

One of the most spectacular roads in the world, the Transfagarasan runs trough the spectacular, rocky Fagaras mountains, the highest mountains in Romania with the Moldoveanu peak reaching 2544 meters. Spooky tunnels and amazing views are awaiting the curious tourist!

Where legend meets strange beauty – strangely shaped rock formations or the Ogres from Salaj as they are known, are awaiting to greet and charm you in one of the prettiest and interesting natural reserves of Romania!