There are 14 national parks totaling 3,223 km² in Romania. Some of the most important ones are:

The Retezat National Park which is housing glacial lakes & rare plants and offers great hiking opportunities.

The Nera Gorges – Beușnița National Park, a protected area situated in Romania, in Caraş-Severin County. The waters of the Nera River carved deep in the calcareous rocks giving birth to lakes, canyons, caves and waterfalls which make up for a fabulous landscape.

The Rodna National Park spreads across mountains, glacial relics and while hosting plenty of wildlife is drawing hikers and visitors alike.

Medieval Sighisoara

The “Land between the forests” is a world of secluded medieval castles, Saxon fortresses, misterious, sometimes spooky ruins but also rustic countryside, tree-covered mountains and cozy small towns waiting for you to discover it.

The Transfagarasan scenic drive

One of the most spectacular roads in the world, the Transfagarasan runs trough the spectacular, rocky Fagaras mountains, the highest mountains in Romania with the Moldoveanu peak reaching 2544 meters. Spooky tunnels and amazing views are awaiting the curious tourist!

Von unglaublichen Bergschluchten bis hin zu einem erstaunlichen Salzbergwerk-Erlebnis (gut für Gesundheit und Seele) – die besten Reiseziele in Rumänien

Medieval Bran Castle

Siebenbürgen, Transsilvanien oder Transsylvanien ist ein historisches und geografisches Gebiet im südlichen Karpatenraum mit einer wechselvollen Geschichte. Siebenbürgen bildet geografisch das Zentrum und den Nordwesten Rumäniens. Es ist eine geheimnisvolle Region die für mittelalterliche Städte und Schlösser bekannt ist, wie z.B. der Schloß Bran, eine gotische Festung die mit der Legende von Dracula verbunden ist. Aber  obwohl Siebenbürgen so viele geheimnisvolle Legenden

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Where legend meets strange beauty – strangely shaped rock formations or the Ogres from Salaj as they are known, are awaiting to greet and charm you in one of the prettiest and interesting natural reserves of Romania!