Bukovina – the place where history blends with legend and the painted Monasteries reign over the land. But that’s not all … Bukovina’s healing beauty, fabulous beechwoods and rural lifestyles tell of another world, a world which awaits to be discovered.

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One major tourist attraction in Bucovina are undoubtedly the painted monasteries and churches, many decorated with unique exterior frescoes representing biblical scenes. Built to celebrate the victories of the rulers of those times, these painted monasteries and churches represent, in addition to their historical value, true cultural treasures while exhibiting uniquely painted exterior frescos as […]

Bran Castle, Transylvania attraction

Your Transylvania & Bukovina Travel Guide Travel to Transylvania, Romania and dive into a mix of cultures, nature and history, from the legend of Dracula, to its imposing medieval castles & fortresses and the majestic Carpathian mountains. Cross the mountains to visit Bukovina with its beautiful, unspoilt landscape dotted with painted monasteries and inhabited by

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Kloster Vornonet in Bukowina

Bukowina IST wie ein Stück Himmel. Der Ort, an dem sich Geschichte und Legende vermischen, ist bekannt für seine berühmten bemalten Klöster – Teil des UNESCO-Patrimoniums – und für seine malerischen Landschaften.  Umgeben von grünen Wäldern und Wiesen, finden Sie in der Bukowina malerische traditionelle Dörfer, Heuhaufen, die über die steilen oder sanften Hügel verstreut sind,

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