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Balea Lake on Transfagarasan

Impressive surrounding landscape and a great spot for hiking, ice climbing, cycling or (if you are pro) even skiing – this is how one can best attempt to describe the famous Balea Lake in the Fagaras mountains. Reachable by car (or bike) in the summer and by cable car in the winter, this old glacier...

Wallachia, the land of the Vlachs

Although not as well known abroad as its neighboring Transylvania, Wallachia is actually the traditional heart of Romania. The region was named by the land rulers,…Wallachia, the land of the Vlachs was last modified: June 29th, 2018 by Travel Guru

The real Sphinx?

What do we know about the Sphinx? Even though the official theory speaks of a natural rock formation carved by the wind in the shape of a human head, there are theories that speak about the Sphinx as artificially carved in stone by an ancient long lost civilization. As it stands alone in the...

Danube Delta – the Birds’ Paradise

As the waters of the Danube flow into the Black Sea, they form the largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas, the Danube Delta. A  labyrinth of water and land is building a mosaic of river branches, channels, lakes, sand dunes and oak forests.

Wooden Churches of Northern Moldavia

While a lot has been said about the unique painted monasteries of Southern Bucowina, there are many unique Wooden churches and monasteries in the current…Wooden Churches of Northern Moldavia was last modified: May 31st, 2018 by Travel Guru

Transylvania Travel 2018

The "Land between the forests" is a world of secluded medieval castles, Saxon fortresses, misterious, sometimes spooky ruins but also rustic countryside, tree-covered mountains and cozy small towns waiting for you to discover it.

Prometheus Statue overseeing the Vidraru Dam

Situated on the Arges River, supported by the slopes of the Pleasa and Vidraru Mountains, along Tranfagarasan, about 40 kilometers from Curtea de Arges, Vidraru Dam is considered by the specialists a real jewel of engineering. The first arch dam in Romania, Vidraru Dam was built in 1966 with the purpose of creating hydroelectricity....