Moldavia is a province in eastern Romania, sprinkled with many christian orthodox churches and monasteries. The Churches of Moldavia are Byzantine churches, some of them famous not only for their inner decorations but also for their painted exterior walls, as the famous Churches of Bukovina. On the other hand, Moldova’s wooden churches are one of Romania’s […]

One major tourist attraction in Bucovina are undoubtedly the painted monasteries and churches, many decorated with unique exterior frescoes representing biblical scenes. Built to celebrate the victories of the rulers of those times, these painted monasteries and churches represent, in addition to their historical value, true cultural treasures while exhibiting uniquely painted exterior frescos as

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Wood church of Corjauti

Built in Moldovan style sometime between 1811-1813, this wooden church has an interesting history, as at a certain moment it was basically dismantled by local people, moved to the nearby village and assembled back.