Fairy tale Bukovina

Bukovina IS a piece of heaven. The place where history blends with legend, Bukovina is known for its famous painted monasteries – part of UNESCO patrimony and for its picturesque landscapes.  Surrounded by green forests and meadows, in Bukovina you’ll find picturesque traditional villages, haystacks scattered over the steep or gentle hills,  old churches and gracious, accommodating and hospitable people.

Its famous painted monasteries were not only religious centres but also important centers of literacy, where important manuscripts, chronicles or paintings were kept.

The painted Voronet Monastery in BukovinaThe Voronet, Arbore, Humor, Moldovita and Sucevita monasteries are representative in Europe for their unicity. The Moldavian church-painters created true masterpieces, frescos that to this day are still hiding secret meanings yet to be uncovered. Far from being just nice wall decorations, the murals represent complete cycles of religious events, different for each Monastery.

One secret to this very day is the composition of the famous “Voronet blue”, the color used for the outside painting of the Voronet monastery, The Voroneț blue is a unique shade of blue, obtained in an unknown way and by combining some unknown organic substances with the blue stone azurite. Some legeds say that painters of the monastery were given large amounts of local plum brandy to keep them happy during the long working hours, and they everntually ended up mixing the drink with the blue color – the apparent reason why the special blue on the monasteries’ walls has resisted so well over centuries.

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