Balea Lake on Transfagarasan

Impressive surrounding landscape and a great spot for hiking, ice climbing, cycling or (if you are pro) even skiing – this is how one can best attempt to describe the famous Balea Lake in the Fagaras mountains. Reachable by car (or bike) in the summer and by cable car in the The Transfagarasan, road to Balea Lake winter, this old glacier lake is close to other famous tourist destinations – the Transfagarasan Scenic Road and the Negoiu Peak – the second highest Mountain Peak in Romania.

Several hiking routes start from Bâlea Lake and a multitude of amazing hiking possibilities are waiting to be explored. Following the marked trails, you can reach the highest Romanian peak, Moldoveanu, at 2,544 metres (8,346 feet) in a nine-hour hike or the second highest, Negoiu, at 2,535 metres (8,316 feet) in a five-hour hike.

The best way to reach Balea lake is by car following the Transfagarasan road.Balea Lake This is however only valid for the summer as during the cold season the road is closed between November and the end of May, every year. So please note that there is no access to Balea Lake from the southern part of the Transfagarasan during the white season you can only approach Balea Lake area from the northern part of the mountains using the cable car from Balea Waterfall.

So be sure you won’t miss this destination and you’ll be impressed of how much beauty you can see with so little effort!